Somatic and mental disorders pose challenges for the general practitioners

  • Rytis Leonavičius
  • Jūratė Radavičiūtė
  • Gailė Damulevičiūtė
Keywords: somatic disorders, mental disorders, general practitioner


Modern medical science has unequivocally substantiated the unity of body and soul. It has fundamentally changed attitudes towards man and his disorders. A holistic approach to medicine and new peculiarities of communication between family medicine doctors and mental health professionals have developed. This achieves better results in the fight for patient health. Anxiety, mood, thinking, personality, organic, somatoform disorders, various forms of addiction complicate the diagnosis and treatment of somatic diseases. There are patients in the practice of every family doctor who also need the help of a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist. Mental disorders can cause or aggravate somatic disorders et vice versa. Somatic and mental disorders can occur on their own at the same time. Their treatment must be complex. If this principle is not followed, the patient's recovery process, rehabilitation opportunities and quality of life deteriorate. Therefore, systematic cooperation between a family doctor and a mental health professional is necessary.

Literature review